Put Fairtrade in your break

Warrington Fairtrade Steering Group members are calling on the town to ‘put Fairtrade in their break’ during Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs until March 12.

During the two-week initiative, campaigners are joining forces with the rest of the country to help get 'a fairer deal' for disadvantaged farming communities.

Why not join us on Saturday 4 March, in Golden Square Shopping Centre and show your support for Fairtrade.

In addition to enjoying tasty treats, you will be invited to pose for a 'selfie' using a photo board depicting them as a Fairtrade farmer.

In Kenya's coffee and tea-growing regions one in three people live in poverty, while some tea pickers in Malawi earn less than 1.46 a day.

Fairtrade is continually striving to bring about change which will allow farmers to provide adequate food, education and healthcare to their families.

Whether in the UK or in Malawi, nobody deserves to be short-changed for a hard day's work. When we reach for the cheapest products we may be unconsciously feeding exploitation.

We can make a conscious choice to be part of the solution and support trade that is fair.

"Fairtrade has paved the way for better, more sustainable ways of trading.

"By buying products bearing the Fairtrade mark, shoppers can help farmers earn a viable income and an extra premium they can invest in vital community, business and environmental projects."

Warrington Fairtrade steering group has also been working closely with Holy Trinity Church, which supports Fairtrade.

For more information about the campaign and how to get involved visit fairtrade.org.uk/fortnight

Spread the word on social media use the hashtag.