Fairtrade In Stockton Heath

Customers at Stockton Heath Co-op, in Warrington were surprised to find a table of tasty Fairtrade treats awaiting them when they came for their shopping on Feb 27th, during Fairtrade Fortnight.

Members of Warrington's Fairtrade Steering Group arranged this event so that shoppers could discover for themselves the high quality of Fairtrade products and what a wide range of these goods are available in Co-op supermarkets; from rubber gloves to cotton buds and wines to champagne truffles.

The volunteers who manned the tasting table for the day also shared the stories of some of the producers and the life changing benefits Fairtrade has brought to their families.

Shoppers were encouraged to help make our world fairer by buying Fairtrade products on a regular basis.

The event was well received by the public and lots of customers, having tasted various Fairtrade products including energy bars, shortbread biscuits, meusli and juice, went on to support farmers in developing countries by purchasing some of the foods they'd enjoyed.