Warrington Cottons On to Fairtrade

Warrington shoppers were surprised and amused to see Fairtrade supporters getting "Loud and Proud" as they paraded round the town with drums and rattles, wearing banana and nut costumes emblazoned with the Fairtrade Mark. This was part of the "Cotton On to Fairtrade" event held in Golden Square on Saturday March 5th.

The main activity that shoppers were invited to join in with was decorating Fairtrade cotton bunting flags. This was part of the Fairtrade Foundation's World Record attempt to create the longest ever piece of bunting.

Jackie Hancock a member of the town's Fairtrade Steering Group told us "The focus of this year's Fairtrade Fortnight is cotton.

The World Record attempt aims to “flag up” the desperate plight of ten million West African cotton farmers. They are suffering from one of the greatest trade injustices of our time; locked into poverty by massive subsidies paid out by the EU and the USA to their cotton farmers. However, buying goods made with Fairtrade cotton can make a big difference. For instance one co-operative of farmers in Mali has been able to earn 50% more by producing and selling organic Fairtrade cotton. As a result, 95% of their children are enrolled in school, compared with a national average of 43%. There are a great range of Fairtrade cotton products available these days, such as scarves, clothing for all ages, bedding, cotton wool, buds and wipes. All round the country people are being encouraged to "Show Off Your Label" by buying goods that have the Fairtrade Mark on the label."

Other activities on offer at the event were free Fairtrade Mark face painting, and a public vote for the winner of Warrington's "Design a Fairtrade T shirt" childen's competition. Many Wolves supporters bought raffle tickets for the Fairtrade rugby ball signed by all the current team. The raffle winner was drawn in the Events Hall of Warrington Market on Saturday 12th March. Winner Mr Andrew Bates