Fair 4 All Celebrates 10th Birthday

Fair4 All's 10th birthday celebrations were enjoyed by lots of shoppers. After a refreshing cup of Fairtrade coffee the Mayor gave a short speech explaining how Fairtrade benefitted producers in developing countries, then the shoppers were treated to a performance by a Filipino dance troupe.

After the dance display the Mayor and Mayoress, dancers and all customers enjoyed the free birthday muffins, which were of course made with lots of Fairtrade ingredients!

At the entrance to the market lots of shoppers tried out the Lucky Dip filled with fairly traded prizes.

Staff volunteer Diz Banyard said "It's great to see the solid on-going support for Fairtrade in Warrington, even in these difficult economic times.

Over the past ten years, we have seen a big increase in the number of churches, schools and other organisations in the borough who know about and support Fairtrade. It's good to know that the stall has played a big part in this, by making a wide range of fairly traded goods easily available to the public and also through the talks, films and literature we have provided."