Gearing Up For Fairtrade Fortnight - "Going Further For Fairtrade in 2013"

Warrington is gearing up for some fun events, with an important purpose, as Fairtrade Fortnight approaches. From Feb 25th - March 10th campaigners in the town will join others all over the UK in explaining how shoppers can radically transform lives every day, simply by choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark when they shop.

Fair 4 All, the town's fair trade shop, is launching the fortnight with a special event in Warrington market on Saturday Feb 23rd and will also be helping raise awareness every day by giving free Fairtrade tastings to shoppers in the market.

On Saturday March 2nd, visitors to Golden Square can join in the special Fairtrade event taking place on the exhibition site near the Leigh St entrance. As well as enjoying free samples of delicious Fairtrade foods, shoppers can join in the fun, all-age craft activities and games.

The fun craft activities will have a serious purpose, they will be used to call on world leaders to overturn the trade injustices facing many of the people who grow the foods we love to eat."

The event is being organised by the Warrington Fairtrade Steering Group and supported by some of the shops there which sell Fairtrade products.

Group member Charlie Bowring, said " We want shoppers to take a step for Fairtrade in 2013. By taking the small step of regularly buying a product that carries the Fairtrade Mark they can enable a struggling overseas producer to take a giant leap in living standards for his family.

Gerardo Arias Camacho a Costa Rican coffee farmer is visiting various Fairtrade events in Cheshire as part of the Fairtrade Foundation's 2013 Producer Tour. On Saturday March 9th he will be visiting Fair 4 All in Warrington market from around 3pm. He will give a short lively presentation at the market stall, explaining the benefits Fairtrade has brought to his family, his community and the other members of the local Llano Bonito coffee co-operative, which has 630 member and of which he is a board member.

Gerardo has an interesting and powerful story to tell. After the presentation he will be very happy to stay and chat to shoppers.

Trish Powell, a volunteer at Fair 4 All and secretary of the town's Fairtrade Steering Group said "We hope people take this fantastic opportunity to meet a face behind their Fairtrade coffee. It will be tremendous to hear first-hand about the difference that Fairtrade is making, and how anyone can be part of radically improve the lives of people living in poverty, simply by regularly drinking Fairtrade coffee!”

This year's theme for Fairtrade Fortnight is "Going Further For Fairtrade in 2013"

Across the borough various schools are having special lessons, assemblies and Fairtrade tuck shops. Many Warrington churches will also be focusing on Fairtrade in a special way with themed services, Fairtrade stalls and campaigning actions.

The borough council has renewed it's commitment to Fairtrade, putting a notice by all beverage areas in the Town Hall, explaining that all tea, coffee, sugar and orange juice used is Fairtrade and Warrington Borough Transport buses will have posters inside, for the fortnight, highlighting the town's Fairtrade Borough status."

To find out more about how Fairtrade benefits overseas producers in developing countries, and fun ways of supporting the campaign to make food fair, visit

To find out more about how Fairtrade benefits overseas producers in developing countries, and fun ways of supporting the campaign to make food fair, Visit