Another great Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 - "Come on in and meet Fairtrade"

Shoppers in Golden Square Saturday 3rd March enjoyed taste testing a variety of Fairtrade chocolates, cereal bars, sweets, fruit juices and homemade cakes containing various Fairtrade ingredients.

The Mayor and Mayoress also visited the stand and as they opened the doors on the interactive display, they learnt about the way Fairtrade is transforming the circumstances of producers in developing countries, enabling them to provide for their families, improve their produce and  care for the environment.

The event was organised by Warrington's Fairtrade Steering Group and group member Caroline Batey said "Many shoppers stopped at the stand and were impacted as they discovered how our combined small actions of buying products with the Fairtrade Mark can revoluntionise the lives of the people who grow the foods we love to eat, enabling them to live with dignity and work their way out of poverty."

Fairtrade is continually striving to bring about change which will allow farmers to provide adequate food, education and healthcare to their families.

Whether in the UK or in Panama, nobody deserves to be short-changed for a hard day's work. When we reach for the cheapest products we may be unconsciously feeding exploitation.