Another great Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 - "Take A Break for Fairtrade 2017"

In 2017 Warrington Fairtrade Steering Group members called on the people of Warrington to ‘put Fairtrade in their break’ during Fairtrade Fortnight. During the two-week initiative, campaigners joined forces with the rest of the country to help get 'a fairer deal' for disadvantaged farming communities.  

Warrington Steering Group organised a very successful “Take a Break” event in Golden Square on March 4th 2017.

Passing shoppers were offered the opportunity to pose with different photo boards depicting Fairtrade a lady tea picker, a banana harvester and gold miner, then encouraged to post the results on social media to remind folk to look out for the Fairtrade Mark.

The Mayor at the time, Councillor Rashid, visited the event and was delighted to pose with our props!

People took a break from shopping to enjoy tasting a variety of Fairtrade chocolates, cookies, snack bars, fruit juices and homemade cakes.

Jackie Hancock, chair of the Fairtrade Steering Group, said “We all need to take a break at sometime during the day and having a refreshing Fairtrade cuppa and a snack not only does us good, it also ensures the farmer who grew the crops is paid a fair price for his or her produce, and can properly provide for the family.

Fairtrade is continually striving to bring about change which will allow farmers to provide adequate food, education and healthcare to their families.

Whether in the UK or in Malawi, nobody deserves to be short-changed for a hard day's work. When we reach for the cheapest products we may be unconsciously feeding exploitation.