Take a Step for Fairtrade in 2012

Fairtrade supporters in Warrington have been busy running lots of fun activities during Fairtrade Fortnight, helping shoppers to understand how one small step for them (buying a product with the Fairtrade Mark) can lead to a giant leap for a struggling overseas farmer (enabling them to live with dignity and provide for their family.)

Events kicked off in Warrington Market where the Fair Trade stall “Fair 4 All” offered free sampling of lots of Fairtrade foods and sweets and gave customers a free raffle ticket for a basketful of Fairtrade “goodies.” In addition they provided tuck shops for seven Warrington schools and the town’s Steering Group organised Fairtrade assemblies or lessons for nine schools and an inter-school competition, which was won by St Ann’s C of E primary school. Their students collected enough Fairtrade packaging to cover 341 cardboard footsteps!

For all of March a Fairtrade Trail leaflet was available in Golden Square with the chance of winning a superb £80 hamper of Fairtrade products by popping into ten shops in the Mall and answering a simple question about the Fairtrade products in each shop.

The £80 trail prize was won by Lydia King from Glazebrook. She is a pupil at Birchwood High School and campaigns for Fairtrade at school. The other prize was won by Joy Cowper from Appleton who is also a local supporter. Both were thrilled with their hampers and the big variety of Fairtrade products. Many thanks go to the Co-operative Society and Fair 4 All for their donations to these hampers.

On March 10th the Steering Group encouraged shoppers in Golden Square to put their Best Foot Forward for Fairtrade.

Activities enjoyed by young and old included foot painting, hand massages with a Fairtrade lotion, a “guess the footprint” quiz and tasty free samples.

By the end of the day the eight foot high “Step-o-meter” showed that an amazing 444 steps in support of Fairtrade had been taken by people visiting the event.

It’s not too late to join in and Take a Step in 2012! The Fairtrade Foundation is aiming to collect 1.5 million steps by the end of the year (one for every producer currently benefiting from Fairtrade.) Simply log on, to www.fairtrade.org.uk/step for loads of ideas and to register your step. Find out how you can support World Fair Trade day on May 12th http://step.fairtrade.org.uk/worldfairtradeday

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