Warrington Fairtrade Flower Bed

Supporters of Fairtrade in Warrington are thrilled that the Borough Council have responded positively to their suggesting of planting the bed beside the town hall gates with a floral design featuring the Fairtrade logo.  The Council unanimously voted in support of fulfilling conditions, necessary for the awarding of Fairtrade status to the borough, some years ago. 

Fairtrade Flower Bed

Fifty percent of the world's hungry are farmers who are unable to earn a living from the crops they grow. As well as choosing Fairtrade products, there are easy, campaigning actions people can take to challenge decision-makers to go further to support smallholder farmers in crisis.  “It's good that at a focal point like the town hall we can proudly declare the Borough's status as a Fairtrade town” said the Rev Stephen Kingsnorth.  “The designers and planters have done a magnificent job!